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How well do you know Reformed Confessions?

1. Which FOUR documents are the most important in Reformed and Presbyterian churches?
  The Canons of Dort
  The Second London Confession
  The Belgic Confession
  The Heidelberg Catechism
  The Westminster Standards
  The Augsburg Confession
2. The author of which document was hanged because of his Calvinist views? (choose 1 right answer)
  The Westminster Standards
  The Second London Confession
  The Heidelberg Catechism
  The Belgic Confession
3. Why, according to the Heidelberg Catechism, is man justified by faith only? (choose 1 right answer)
  because only faith can be imputed as merit
  because only faith is demanded by God as a satisfaction for sins
  because only faith is a condition of election
  because man can receive Christ's righteousness by faith only
  because God's wrath can be averted by faith only
4. Into which three Parts is the Heidelberg Catechism divided? (choose 1 right answer)
  10 commandments; Lord's Prayer; Apostles' Creed
  The misery of man; The deliverance of man; Thankfulness
  The Father; The Son; The Holy Spirit
  Old Testament; New Testament; Reformed tradition
5. According to Reformed confessions, by which TWO ways do we know God?
  Dreams and visions
  Creation and sustaining of the world
  The Word of God
6. Because of which TWO reasons, according to the Belgic Confession, are we persuaded of the divine origin of the Scriptures?
  because of the tradition of the church
  because of the testimony of the Holy Spirit in our hearts
  because of the opinion of John Calvin
  because of the very content of these books
  because of their perfect literary form
7. What is the chief end of man, according to the Westminster Catechism?
  Man's chief aim is to believe in truth and to condemn heresy
  Man's chief aim is to spread the Gospel
  Man's chief aim is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever
  Man's chief aim is to reflect on the mystery of God's predestination
8. According to the Westminster Confession of faith, what does effectual calling of man consist in? (choose FOUR right answers)
  God renews man's will
  God makes man able to believe and calls him to make the right choice
  God enlightens man's mind spiritually
  God takes away a heart of stone and gives a heart of flesh
  God calls man out of the state of sin and death
  God sends to man messengers of the Gospel
9. Which two covenants are mentioned in the Westminster Confession of faith? (choose 1 right answer)
  The covenant of works and the covenant of grace
  The covenant of creation and the covenant of redemption
  The covenant with Moses and the covenant with Christ
  The covenant with Noah and the covenant with Christ
10. Which TWO documents were written on the basis of the Westminster Confession of faith?
  The Augsburg Confession
  The Savoy Declaration
  The Second London Confession of faith
  The Scottish Confession of faith
  The Belgic Confession

Евангельская Реформатская Семинария Украины

  • Лекции квалифицированных зарубежных преподавателей;
  • Требования, которые соответствуют западным семинарским стандартам;
  • Адаптированность лекционных и печатных материалов к нашей культуре;
  • Реалистичный учебный график;
  • Тесное сотрудничество между студентами и местными преподавателями.