• 25.04.2016 13:32

    Submission, Collaboration, and the End of War

    In a previous article, we considered Christian Ministry in Time of War. But certainly it left many questions unanswered. One section dealt with Ministry in a Defeated Nation, and one reader raised some important questions in response: What if we lose a war, and there is an ongoing guerilla movement to resist the invaders? Should we participate or submit? Are we truly called to pray for the leaders of such a subjugated country? Is that to be disloyal to our nation? What biblical models do we find? As Christians, are we able both to be loyal to the Kingdom of God and to our fellow man? What does it mean to love our enemy?

  • 29.05.2015 18:47

    Christian Ministry in Time of War

  • 29.05.2015 18:16

    War: an act of justice and a life of discipleship. Exploring the just war tradition